mossy foot

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moss·y foot

a profuse velvety papillomatous growth that develops large warty projections; caused by chronic lymphedema and stasis with maceration and associated infection.
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mossy foot disease

A condition seen in up to 5% of the population in certain African countries, characterised by chronic lymphedema of the leg, recurrent infections and rough, bumpy, hyperkeratotic filiform projections.
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mossy foot

Non-filarial lymphatic obstruction of the legs, commonly found in volcanic regions of Africa, where it occurs primarily in those who walk barefoot on alkaline, mineral-rich soil.
Synonym: podoconiosis
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mossy foot

A severe infection of the foot with pigmented fungi such as Fonsecaea pedrosoi or Phialophora verrucosa acquired by the penetration of the skin by splinters from decaying timber. The skin shows warty, mossy nodules that may ulcerate and become secondarily infected. Also known as chromoblastomycosis or chromomycosis.
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