mosquito clamp

mos·qui·to clamp

a small hemostat, straight or curved, with or without teeth; used to hold delicate tissue or for hemostasis.
Synonym(s): mosquito forceps
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A small, straight or curved forceps used in general surgery that has a locking grip with 3–5 teeth to allow rachet clamping at various pressures. Mosquitos are used to retract in small fields, hold delicate tissue, and compress bleeding vessels, among other things
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Hair should be gently removed from the sinus openings with the help of a mosquito clamp. Some patients might have bunches of hair in the sinus openings whereas others may not have any.
Crystallized phenol resembles sugar granules and these granules can be handled with a mosquito clamp. Crystallized phenol should be gently placed into the pilonidal sinus openings.
Holding forceps or the mosquito clamp, we sutured the foreskin inner and outer lamina close to the wound edge and ensured that the stitching thickness was no more than 0.1 cm.