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morulae, morulas

See morula.
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Our study suggests that sperm morulae are simply clusters of spermatids and become mature sperm when environmental conditions are suitable.
Assessment of growth factor effects on post-thaw development of cyopreserved mouse morulae to the blastocyst stage.
1-8 cells Morulae Blastocysts Control 13,93 (11) 29,11 (23) 56,96 (45) Group A 12,35 (10) 19,75 (16) 67,9 (55) Group B 9,72 (7) 34,72 (25) 55,56 (40) Group C 6,76 (5) 51,35 (38) * 41,89 (31) * Numbers in parenthesis represent quantity of evaluated embryos.
phagocytophilum or visualization of intracytoplasmic morulae in peripheral monocytes or macrophages.
The biggest clue is the peripheral blood smears containing morulae in the leukocytes on a Giemsa stain.
Visualization of morulae and staining methods: Morulae have been identified in smears of peripheral blood, buffy coat preparations, and bone marrow aspirates by using various eosin-azure (Romanovsky)-type stains, including Wright's, Diff-Quik, Giemsa's, and Leishman's.
These clusters are berry-like in appearance and are called morulae.
Production of chimeric mouse by injection of embryonic stem cells to morulae from outbred mouse.
Compact morulae were incubated in M16 medium supplemented with colchicine for 2 hr and then processed for cell counting and karyotyping by Tarkowski's method (Tarkowski, 1966).