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Data on all the cases was haul out from the Labour unit register, patient's case notes and maternal mortality records.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the predictive power of mortality of PRISM score in a Tertiary Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in a developing country.
In 2017, we set up the Tree Mortality Data Collection Network, led by academics at UC Berkeley and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, to bring together scientists and agencies who are conducting field and remote-sensing studies across the Sierra Nevada.
This is because within-country differences are masked by the national aggregate levels of child mortality.
The estimates are based on public health expenditures in Florida, where the infant mortality rate is higher than the national average.
The researchers find that the mortality rate of the New Orleans beneficiaries was 0.5 percentage points higher in 2005 (the year of the storm), representing an increase of over 10 percent.
Laos, one of the economically weaker countries in the region, has the second highest under five mortality rate of 63 per thousand.
'While we have made great strides in reducing breast cancer mortality globally, lung cancer mortality rates among women are on the rise worldwide,' said study author Jose Martinez-Sanchez, Associate Professor at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) in Spain.
The global age-standardized breast cancer mortality rate is projected to decrease by 9 percent in the same time frame.
In contrast, the newborn mortality rate declined by only 49pc.
Those who bear children as adolescents suffer higher mortality and morbidity rates and their children are more likely to die in infancy.
Furthermore, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) mortality varied significantly by sex, race, and geographic region, noted Eric Y.