An awareness of space and of body schema represented in the parietal lobes of the cerebral cortex.
[morpho- + synthesis]
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This discovery led to inorganic materials with hierarchical structures and complex form -- it introduced to materials chemistry a new language of shape as described in their papers 'Synthesis of Inorganic Materials with Complex Form', Nature, 382: 313-318, 1996, 'Lamellar Aluminophosphates that Mimic Radiolaria and Diatom Skeletons', Nature 378:47-51, 1995, 'Morphogenesis of Biomineral and Morphosynthesis of Biomimetic Forms Accounts', Chemical Research 30:17-27, 1997 and 'Blueprints for Inorganic Materials with Natural Form -- Inorganic Liquid Crystals and a Language of Inorganic Shape', Dalton Transactions, pp.
An exciting new direction for his group, coined morphosynthesis, yields inorganic materials with complex and natural form, suggesting methods for preparing novel materials where form controls properties, function and utility.