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Pre-eclampsia and foetal growth restriction: how morphometrically different is the placenta?
This latter specimen was later analysed morphometrically by Hochman (1955).
Many genera (e.g., Chionoecetes, Lithodes, Cancer) exhibit allometric growth of the chelae at the pubertal molt, after which they are classified as morphometrically mature and are distinguishable by an increase in the slope and intercept of the ratio of chela height (ChH) to CW (ChH:CW) (Somerton, 1980; Somerton and Macintosh, 1983; Comeau and Conan, 1992; Stevens, et al., 1993; Corgos and Freire, 2006).
Although the food-responsive developmental plasticity of sea urchin larvae has been examined morphometrically (Boidron-Metairon, 1988; Strathmann et al, 1992; Heyland and Hodin, 2004; Miner, 2005; McAlister, 2008) and molecularly (Adams et al, 2011), genome-wide changes in gene expression associated with this phenomenon have not been explored.
The North structure and the Bloody Creek structure are morphometrically, geophysically, and petrographically similar.
Also, Yurchenko (2012) indicated the species-specific differences in the sperm ultrastructure within the Ostreidae (Rafinesque, 1815), which could be identified both ultrastructurally and morphometrically. Therefore, this type of study is an accurate tool for the identification of marine species, especially if there are classification problems.
The severity of prostatitis was quantified morphometrically based on three separate categories according to criteria verified by an anatomical pathologist.
Specimens from 16 Tunisian Artemia populations (Table 1) were cultured in the laboratory, characterized morphometrically, and compared with cultured specimens from two Artemia franciscana populations (San Francisco Bay, California, USA; and Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA).
(17) However, to date, no study has morphometrically evaluated the epithelial lining and fibrous capsule of KOTs at different times during their treatment with marsupialization.
In the same vein, this study was conducted to characterize morphometrically D.
Photothrombotic infarction was evaluated under light microscopy, and lesion size was estimated morphometrically as previously described [14,18].