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(mōr'in), [C.I. 75660]
A natural yellow dye obtained from fustic and other members of the mulberry family and often associated with the dye maclurin; used as a fluorochrome for detection of metals, particularly aluminum. Fluorescent morinates are also formed with beryllium, gallium, indium, scandium, thorium, titanium, and zirconium.
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"We are very pleased to welcome Thomas Morin as president of TC Transcontinental Packaging at a time where our company has already established itself as a North American Leader in flexible packaging after only five years in this space," said Olivier.
The PSX continued, 'As per his (Morin's) employment contract, the MD-PSX was not allowed to be directly or indirectly involved, engaged or interested in any capacity (including but not limited to employee, officer, director, shareholder, trustee or agent) in any other business other than the business of PSX.
Morin is also serving as the Chairman of Listing and Voluntary De-Listing Committee and as the member of IT and IS Steering Committee and IT Procurement Committee.
Morin had developed differences with the board, and the PSX board of directors had written a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan regarding the CEO, alleging that while he was the CEO in Pakistan, he was running a company abroad.
The PSX board had issued Morin a show-cause notice and in at least three hearings, Morin was unable to satisfy the board that working simultaneously for his own wealth management company along with holding his position of PSX CEO was not a breach of employment contract.
On April 09, TheNews reported that Richard Morin had been served a show cause notice by a bourse's committee, asking him to explain his simultaneous working with a Canadian wealth management company.
' independent financial advisers' had Morin as its CEO and the Chairman
When Morin was approached, he said 'the board information is not to be disclosed in the media.
The appellant objected to Poe's testimony about Morin's statement that she was staying with the appellant on the grounds of "confrontation and hearsay." The commonwealth responded that hearsay was admissible in a probation violation proceeding.
KARACHI -- Richard Morin joined Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited (PSX) as CEO on Thursday after following the due process prescribed under law.
A number of women desire to have the same look as Prince Harry's fiancAaAaAeA@e and o woman, named ( Lukwesa Morin , has a natural resemblance to Markle.
Morin invokes his heroic literary forebears--Czeslaw Milosz, Isaak Babel, Miklos Radnoti, amongst others--in his energetic and moving book of fantasias and elegies, alert to history, rich with memory, which is, as he tells us, 'a larger country.' I welcome this 'pageantry of the interior,' this memorable first book."--Edward Hirsch