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(mōr'in), [C.I. 75660]
A natural yellow dye obtained from fustic and other members of the mulberry family and often associated with the dye maclurin; used as a fluorochrome for detection of metals, particularly aluminum. Fluorescent morinates are also formed with beryllium, gallium, indium, scandium, thorium, titanium, and zirconium.
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Morin added he intends to replace a Rs25 million ($226,000) cap on amount which can be paid out of exchange's Investor Protection Fund (IPF) for every broker default with a per-investor limit.
Mr Morin further observed Pakistan's financial markets offered great opportunities for those who wish to have exciting careers and have a major impact on the economy, finance growth, create jobs and help individuals grow.
Morin earned Bachelors in Economics in 1982 from University of Montreal and Masters in Business Administration in 1988 from McGill University.
From 1999-2001, Morin served as vice-president of National Bank Securities, the mutual funds and discount brokerage subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada, where he managed client assets of $5 billion.
I have a passion for entertainment and humanitarian work," Morin said.
In his new role, Morin will report to Millicom's CFO, Tim Pennington.
1 mL morin standards of various concentrations was added to fresh DPPH solution of 57.
Morin will be responsible for EXFO's global sales leadership, market development, marketing, product management and technology strategy.
Morin says 83 percent of Canadians are on track to maintain their standard of living in retirement.
Now Morin expands on her post, fleshing out 13 don'ts and illustrating how avoiding these behaviors improves your mental outlook and your life.
The Department of National Defence absolutely is elusive and does not fully want to tell everything that's gone on the lands," said Morin.
1 April 2014 -- Washington DC-based federal agency The Export-Import Bank of the United States said that Robert Morin has been named the new senior vice president for business and product development.