Morgagni, Giovanni B

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Morgagni, Giovanni B

(mor-gag'ne, -gan'ye)
Italian pathological anatomist, 1682–1771. morgagnian (mor-gan'e-an), adjective

Morgagni's caruncle

The middle prostatic lobe.

Morgagni's cataract

Cataract that is hypermature with a softened cortex and a hard nucleus.

Morgagni's cyst

A cystlike remnant of the müllerian duct that is attached to the fallopian tube.

Morgagni's hydatid

Cystlike remains of müllerian duct attached to testicle or oviduct.

Morgagni's hyperostosis

Hyperostosis of the frontal bones of the head, possibly associated with obesity, headache, amenorrhea, diabetes, multiple endocrine abnormalities, and various neuropsychiatric disturbances. Synonym: frontal internal hyperostosis

Morgagni's rectal columns

Vertical ridges in the upper half of the anal canal produced by infolding mucosa over a venous plexus.

Morgagni's ventricle

The space on the lateral wall of each side of the larynx between the true and false vocal cords.
Synonym: ventricle of larynx
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On examination the eye showed marked diminished vision, corneal oedema, normal or deep anterior chamber containing liquefied lens particles and pseudohypopyon in severe cases and hypermature Morgagnian cataractous lens in some cases.
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Sometimes in hypermature morgagnian cataract, Simcoe's cannula with irrigation on is insinuated under the nucleus to flip up one of its pole into the anterior chamber, and subsequently rotated.