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The Japanese are notorious for employing more people than necessary, especially in retail businesses which are immune to competition from abroad.
The plan of racial uplift of black heroines follows a more pragmatic path.
Global history, or the new global history as some of us call it, (2) is clearly inspired by contemporary experience but encompasses more than the history of globalization.
Her childhood critique of Brancusi's L'Oiseau d'Or--she said the horizontal position of the bird's head would make its singing impossible--led the artist, from that time on, to give his bird sculptures more uplifted heads.
He was "well aware that, in the long run, it would get me a great many more friends than enemies.
If conditions presented an inadequate test for Macarthur, then it is reasonable to believe that Mores Wells was equally inconvenienced.
Hare broke his leg playing for the Clay mores in the Amsterdam Aren A last May in a 31-20 defeat.
After my wonderful morning in Stone Town, I am even more convinced that we should give up the seemingly endless task of trying to reach world- or even country-wide consensus and that each diocese should have the latitude to reflect the mores of its members.
Public Spheres, Public Mores, and Democracy: Hamburg and Stockholm, 1870-1914.
In her new book, Black Hair: Art, Style, and Culture, Ima Ebong brings visions of black hair and its cultural mores and traditions to the page.
These respectable, often prosperous and genteel characters with their "modern" middle-class mores appear anachronistic against the backdrop of historical epochs filled with violent religious fanatics, doomed aristocrats, deposed monarchs, wild romantic Highlanders, chivalric Christian knights, and Muslim warriors.
Best known outside the UK for his sardonic send-ups of all things English, Mark Wallinger has emerged as a figure whose themes extend well beyond the manners and mores of the land of John Bull.