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After recording all the responses, those participant who had symptoms strongly indicating the presence of gynecological morbidity, were assessed for gynecological morbidities using standard definitions.
Among the individual morbidities considered, increased risk was highest for renal failure, amniotic fluid embolism, cardiac morbidity, and shock, with adjusted odds ratios of 2.
A study of the pattern of ocular diseases in children is very important because while some eye conditions are just causes of ocular morbidity, others invariably lead to blindness.
The bias in study can be the no screening tests about renal function during pre pregnancy period as well as during pregnancy tenure for assessing renal status so that in high risk cases for subsequent obstetrical emergencies appropriate and immediate intervention with multidisciplinary approach could decrease morbidity and mortality.
Studies have also been done to evaluate risk of cardiovascular morbidity and diabetes in men undergoing ADT8.
2 Twin pregnancies when compared with singleton pregnancies are associated with increased perinatal morbidity and mortality.
The dermatological conditions most commonly and consistently found to be associated with psychiatric or psychological morbidity are Psoriasis, Acne and atopic eczema.
There was an exponential increase in the reporting of morbidity over the period under review, and Fig.
Guthrie, (5) but multiple morbidity may include at least one life-limiting condition, and anyway is more common in the elderly.
Improving the quality and safety of maternity care, with a focus on implementing patient safety bundles to reduce mortality and morbidity associated with hemorrhage, preeclampsia, and thromboembolism in every birthing hospital and facility across the country in the next 3 years.
This study included the following objectives: 1) to investigate the relationship of morbidity with humidity, temperature, and rainfall; 2) to create a regression model that would predict the morbidity rate of dengue cases in Cagayan de Oro City; and 3) to assess the temperature by comparing the normal temperature and the recorded temperature for the last five years.