moon time

moon time (mōōnˑ tīmˑ),

n in Native American culture, the period of menstruation; it is widely believed that women are more powerful or, in some tribes, contaminated during this particular period.
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Early bedding plant seeding for 2017 starts at new moon time (now).
To determine the effect of lunar light on patterns of gene expression, one of three lunar light treatments was applied to each tank: 1) a normal lunar cycle, following the natural patterns of lunar periodicity in luminance and in times of moonrise and moonset; 2) a constant lunar cycle, repeating the full Moon time period experienced on November 3, 2009, on every evening; and 3) the absence of a lunar cycle, that is, no lunar light supplied.
FULL MOON TIME Joel Moon squeezes through to get Rhinos up and running with their first try
Being in the right spot at the right moon time had paid off with my eighth buck grossing in excess of 170.
The optimum time is usually just before and after full moon time when tides are much higher than usual.
In fact, women on their Moon time were considered so powerful that they were expected not to participate in ceremonies, as they would take away power from the others.
Note that according to the method of construction of the Jewish calendar, the term Molad Tishri here refers not to the astronomical new moon time but rather that determined from the time of the Molad Tishri of year two (or the fictitious Molad Tishri of year one), the number of the lunar conjunction, and the average lunation period (see note 10 below).
It's quarter Moon time and the effect of this will last for the next week.
IT'S full moon time again, and this one holds encouraging news which has been awaited for some weeks.
If I estimate "one day of the full moon" as 2 days centered around the exact full moon time, the chance that 1 casino game would show its peak pay-out rate in this interval is 1 to 14.
Pipe ceremonies and prayers, which used to be held in the public dancing arbor, now take place in a separate lodge, keeping sacred objects like pipes and rattles away from crowds, children and women on their moon time.