moon lodges

moon lodges (mōōnˑ lˑ·jez), in Native American culture, isolated locations for women to use as sites for meditation and retreat during menstruation. This tradition was instituted to enhance the mental, spiritual, and physical health of women and the community or in some cases to isolate women during what was considered a sacred or contaminated period.
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It is similar to the moon lodges of ancient Mayan and Greek cultures where women would come together and were given an opportunity to enhance their cognitive and creative faculties.
The Moon Lodge is the place of women where women gather during their menstrual time to be at- one with each other and the changes occurring in their bodies.
We can also explore creating our own Moon lodges in response to the many ways Moon time is being dishonored.
With this question, she's encouraging women to consider whether we have honored our bodies as they would have been honored had we been part of a traditional tribe, in a circle of other women participating in a Moon Lodge.
Moon Lodge, or the Black Lodge as it was traditionally known, was a way of preserving the sacred feminine among many American Indian tribes.