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1. Given to frequent changes of mood; temperamental.
2. Subject to periods of depression; sulky.
3. Expressive of a mood, especially a sullen or gloomy mood.

Patient discussion about moody

Q. my boy has ADHD , and according to the doctors , in the worst form it can appear .. is all moody and jumpy and hyper-active and i know it is all part of being ADHD child .. but man ... i need some directing and advices how to keep me on track and by that i mean give my child the full support he needs and should have ... it's not easy to chase him and keep him leveled ... and i did till now with great success .. but now he is 5 years old and he is much more active ... How Should i act around him ? what is the right level of freedom i can deliver him ? someone please help me ... i need advices ...

A. parenting is a hard job. a complicated one, and one you'll surly do mistakes and lots of them. being a parent to an ADHD child,well...needs a hyper active parent too...
there are ways to deal with it but it needs a plan and and tools to work with. when i looked for such, i found this site that gives number of tools. i used some of them and they were very helpful.

good luck!

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Dialog construction is fair and the plot includes several compellingly told events, but it gets bogged down with too many stock characters moodily contemplating their situations.
A severe black hairstyle and red lipstick completes the look along with some oversize hooped earrings as she moodily carries a sugary pink cake, flanked by two men in uniform with guns.
Moodily lensed on Italian and Romanian locations by Gonzalo Amat, "The Devil Inside" benefits from persuasive performances by its lead players (Quarterman and Helmuth are particularly impressive) and special effects that are all the more striking for being used so sparingly.
Two brass bulls ready to charge mark the entrance to the moodily lit restaurant which then fans out into a vast dining area.
Wearing a striking all-black outfit of almost floor-length coat, boots and feathers in her hair, she, by turns, stood moodily lit from above by a wash of white light or appeared out of total darkness when it was her turn to sing.
Here he is, speculating moodily on the lucid prose of his famous contemporary Hjalmar Soderberg: "Writing .
But it's also funny, moodily shifting from black comedy to wild slapstick, and that makes this film special.
THat's what they call these bare volcanic hills/Slamming against the sky with green and brown/With rocks and bracken, tiny clutching trees/They rise up like an aria then dwell/Heavily and moodily and great/So I am mad, and moody, and not great//The sheep are silly here, even insane/They wander up Helvellyn in a daze/Snorting up the bracken which is bitter/And grows madly, cigarettes for sheep.
David, with tattoos on show and wearing just a pair of trunks, stares moodily at the camera.
2 : a short sudden pull or jerk <Charlotte gave her web a twitch and moodily watched it sway.
In my experience, the British leg is best hidden from the gaze of strangers," she said, moodily contemplating the arrival of mini-skirts on the streets of Birkenhead.