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1. Given to frequent changes of mood; temperamental.
2. Subject to periods of depression; sulky.
3. Expressive of a mood, especially a sullen or gloomy mood.

Patient discussion about moody

Q. my boy has ADHD , and according to the doctors , in the worst form it can appear .. is all moody and jumpy and hyper-active and i know it is all part of being ADHD child .. but man ... i need some directing and advices how to keep me on track and by that i mean give my child the full support he needs and should have ... it's not easy to chase him and keep him leveled ... and i did till now with great success .. but now he is 5 years old and he is much more active ... How Should i act around him ? what is the right level of freedom i can deliver him ? someone please help me ... i need advices ...

A. parenting is a hard job. a complicated one, and one you'll surly do mistakes and lots of them. being a parent to an ADHD child,well...needs a hyper active parent too...
there are ways to deal with it but it needs a plan and and tools to work with. when i looked for such, i found this site that gives number of tools. i used some of them and they were very helpful.

good luck!

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Kissie Show" gets a little more electro, with dirty bass synths and loads of sexual innuendo, while the EP's title track is a moodier, sultry affair, better for the bedroom than the dance floor.
Contrasting lively flamboyance with a moodier sophistication -- both works contrast on technical levels as well -- it appears that the Cairo Ballet Company has reserved its stronger or more virtuosic dance performances for "Jeu d'echecs.
When they gave melatonin alone, the participants fell asleep more quickly, but they were moodier and more withdrawn.
With moodier lighting at hand, Lazarus might have foregone the corny, overdone convention of expressionistic effects to point up violent moments--the one lapse in an otherwise impeccable staging.
NEW YORK-Sales representatives of home decor products improved their outlook on the economic environment in the second quarter, after having reflected a moodier view in the previous period.
Tracy Bonham could be Sheryl Crow's moodier, less sociable sister.
Headliners Dragster provide full-on, slap in the face, trashy rock 'n' roll tonight alongside Trailer who deliver a moodier, more atmospheric dish.
Zonus has a big form claim but he's moodier than Colin Montgomerie on a bad day and has thrown away lots of winning opportunities this season.
Sonically, Sons & Daughters has a moodier, jazzier feel than I initially anticipated," Bell said in December as the album was launched.
Zydecoldsmobile" are juxtaposed with moodier offerings like "Love and Glory" and "Angeline".
Yet not even the welcome inclusion of live B sides (his perfectly pained rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me") and benefit-album cuts (a duet with Brazilian chanteuse Astrud Gilberto on "Desafinado") can compensate for the fact that Michael's moodier, echodrenched moments tend to closely resemble each other.