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Plural of mons.
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(mons) plural.montes [L., mountain]
An anatomical eminence above the surface of the body.

mons pubis

A pad of fatty tissue and skin overlying the symphysis pubis. After puberty it is covered with coarse hair.

mons veneris

mons pubis.
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"It is not that which deterred me," replied Monte Cristo; "but as I determined to have a house to myself, I sent on my valet de chambre, and he ought by this time to have bought the house and furnished it."
He is black, and cannot speak," returned Monte Cristo.
"Undeceive yourself, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo; "I am quite sure, that, on the contrary, he will choose everything as I wish.
"No," said Monte Cristo; "I told you I did not wish to be behind my time; I dressed myself in the carriage, and descended at the viscount's door." The young men looked at each other; they did not know if it was a comedy Monte Cristo was playing, but every word he uttered had such an air of simplicity, that it was impossible to suppose what he said was false -- besides, why should he tell a falsehood?
"Thanks, monsieur," returned Monte Cristo, "my steward has orders to take a box at each theatre."
"I have something better than that," said Monte Cristo; "I have a slave.
"Oh, no," replied Monte Cristo; "I do not carry brutalism so far.
And Maximilian Morrel left the room with the Baron de Chateau-Renaud, leaving Monte Cristo alone with Morcerf.
Looking at John Dickinson, 48, ex-wife Sue, 44, and daughter Jenny, 19, Montes said: "I understand the gravity of what I did.
TThe former lover of Caroline Dickinson murder suspect Francisco Arce Montes yesterday told a court how they began a relationship after he sexually assaulted her.
Spaniard Francisco Montes, 52, is said to have told a French judge: "I lost it.
It was only in 2016 that actress Julia Montes first met her biological father, German national Martin Schnittka, after years of praying that she would meet him one day.