octacosanoic acid

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oc·tac·o·san·o·ic ac·id

(ok'tă-kō'sān-ō'ik as'id),
A long-chain fatty acid; found in waxes.
Synonym(s): montanic acid
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The release agent was ethylene glycol ester of montanic acid (Hoechst Co.).
In addition to Hostamont TP ET 141 and TP ET 132, a full range of montanic acid esters provide mold release, flow, dispersion enhancements, and lubricity for demanding applications for engineering resins.
Cerotic acid, montanic acid, melissic acid and palmitic acid were found in low amounts ( less than 5 %) while trycosylic acid (4.83 %) was the only fatty acid with odd number of carbon atoms.
We previously analyzed the fatty acid content of lipophilic extracts of Pistacia vera by capillary GC-MS that showed the PV-DL extract to contain almost 40% saturated fatty acids, in total, consisting of myristic, palmitic, oleic, stearic, elaidic, behenic, melissic, ligno-seric and montanic acids (Aslan et al., 2002; Aslan and Orhan, 2005).
Surfactants offered: anionics, amphoterics, nonionics, polyalkylene glycols, glycerol esters, PEG esters, sorbitan fatty acid esters, ethoxylated sorbitan fatty acid esters, polyproylene glycols, polycarboxyalte polymers, polyethylenimine, polyethyelene waxes, montanic acids, chelating agents and biocides