montan wax

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mon·tan wax

a mineral wax extracted from lignite.
[L. montanus, of a mountain, fr. mons, mountain]
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With a stable and reliable supply of its montan waxes and flame retardants ensured, Clariant offers outstanding performance for demanding plastics applications.
"The Montan wax issue is a very interesting one as it is not a renewable resource, yet very popular for its properties and with few options as alternatives," Mr.
Struktol's new refined, organic wax products are designed to be substitutes for Montan Wax E and Montan Wax OP.
Comments: Licowax OP is a montan wax, and is actually a product with a long history in the plastics and polish industry.
Attributes/comments: EverGlide UV 682 is a 25% montan wax emulsion in TPGDA for both UV inks and coatings.