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The FTIR spectrum of untreated dyes effluent exhibited peaks at 3344.59, 2352.21, 1646.3, 619.15 and 613.956 cm-1 for -OH stretch of phenol, N=N stretch and C=C stretching of monosubstituted benzene ring (Fig.
The core-shell composite particle containing PS was confirmed by the strong absorption peaks at 1,600, 1,492 [cm.sup.-1] (the C=C stretching of benzene-rings), 754, and 699 [cm.sup.-1] (the out-of-plane bending of C-H of monosubstituted benzene-ring).
Further, the reaction consists of three stepwise or consecutive reactions that involve formation of two monosubstituted and two disubstituted intermediates before reaching to the final product D (Eq.
Ramondo, "Electronegativity, resonance, and steric effects and the structure of monosubstituted benzene rings: an ab initio MO study," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol.
Conventional phosphorylation could produce monosubstituted phosphate monoester starch or cross-linked phosphodiester starch.
Compounds 1a and 1b gave vinylic substitution reaction at room temperature and with the absence of solventbecause of the reactivity of terminal carbon having nitrodichlorovinyl, and they yielded monosubstituted polyhalobutadiene compounds 3a [49] and 3b [50].
The peak at 7.43 ppm in [sup.1]H NMR and the several peaks at 125 ppm-135 ppm in [sup.13]C NMR could testify to the existence of the monosubstituted benzene ring.
Formation of ettringite from monosubstituted calcium sulfoaluminate hydrate and gypsum.
Vertical ionisation potentials of benzene and some of its monosubstituted and 1,4-disubstituted derivatives.
Finally, a DFT study reveals that the formation of 1-4 is thermodynamically favoured with respect to a tentative isolation of the monosubstituted products 1'-4' because of the use of mw conditions.
Hence, [WA-f.sub.50] and [WB-f.sub.75] had significantly different inhibition potency towards [alpha]-glucosidase activity despite having similar relative proportions unsubstituted (un-Xylp), monosubstituted, (2-Xylp or 3-Xylp), and disubstituted xylose residues (2,3-Xylp) and degree of substitution but different ferulic acid content.