monopolar electrocautery

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1. an apparatus for surgical dissection and hemostasis, using heat generated by a high-voltage, high-frequency alternating current passed through an electrode.
2. the cauterization of tissue using such an instrument.
bipolar electrocautery an electrocautery in which both active and return electrodes are incorporated into a single handheld instrument, so that the current passes between the tips of the two electrodes and affects only a small amount of tissue.
monopolar electrocautery (unipolar electrocautery) an electrocautery in which current is applied through a handheld active electrode and travels back to the generator through an inactive electrode attached to the patient (the grounding pad), so that the patient is part of the electrical circuit.
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The use of monopolar electrocautery instead of surgical clips did not pose any additional risk of post-operative haemorrhage or bile leak.
However, with monopolar electrocautery, the depth of burn is less predictable and current can be conducted through non-insulated instruments and trocars.
We conclude that monopolar electrocautery can be used as a safer alternative to surgical clips in control of cystic artery, especially in developing countries where Harmonic scalpel arouse issues of cost factor and affordability.
Safety and efficacy of laparoscopic cholecystectomy using monopolar electrocautery in the porcine model.
Results: An increased incidence of 21.42% gallbladder perforation (GBP) in laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC), was observed in "Group B" using Monopolar electrocautery for dissection as compared to 8.57% in "Group A" using Harmonic scalpel (p=0.002).
Conclusion: Harmonic scalpel is better alternative to traditional Monopolar Electrocautery in LC due to decrease incidence of GBP.
Keywords: Bile duct injuries, Conventional monopolar electrocautery, Gallstones, Harmonic scalpel, Laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
Postoperative recovery after microdebrider intracapsular or monopolar electrocautery tonsillectomy: A prospective, randomized, single-blinded study.