monopolar cautery

mon·o·po·lar cau·ter·y

electrocautery by high frequency electrical current passed from a single electrode; the patient's body serves as a ground where the cauterization occurs.
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mon·o·po·lar cau·te·ry

(mon'ō-pō'lăr kaw'tĕr-ē)
Electrocautery by high frequency electrical current passed from a single electrode, where the cauterization occurs, the patient's body serving as a ground.
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During the operation, the foreign body was removed after short-term cauterization with monopolar cautery due to its metallic nature by making a millimetric incision on the adjacent skin tissue to prevent skin damage (Figure 4).
Objective: To compare monopolar cautery with cold steel dissection for tonsillectomy in pediatric age group.
(2) The use of monopolar cautery for colpotomy and different closure techniques may account for these differences.
Additional monopolar cautery was performed at the base for hemostasis.
The cystic artery can be controlled using surgical clips, harmonic scalpel and ligature or monopolar cautery. The extensive use of surgical clips in laparoscopic surgery has led to a variety of complications.
The small bowel was opened with monopolar cautery via the Bovie cautery extracorporeally and then dropped back into the abdominal cavity.
The current spreads into the peripheral tissues on its way to the passive electrode on its way back in the monopolar cautery. Therefore, the monopolar technique is not appropriate to use if the patient has a pacemaker, if he has neural or cardiac problems.
Tonsillectomy was performed by monopolar cautery in all cases.
Elevate the peritoneum overlying the sacral promontory and open it using monopolar cautery. Expose the fat pad that overlays the anterior longitudinal ligament and gently dissect it away (FIGURE 2; VIDEO 1).
The study is prospective comparative study of management of fistula in ano by fistulectomy with coring technique using radiofrequency cautery and monopolar cautery. Patients operated during the period of February 2012 to February 2015 for fistula in ano with above inclusive criteria were included in the study.
I perform dissection with the fenestrated bipolar grasper in arm 1 and the monopolar cautery hook in arm 2.