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n. Informal
Infectious mononucleosis.


abbreviation for mononucleosis.


 Infectious mononucleosis, see there.

Patient discussion about mono

Q. can mono kill you if it gets to the liver? otherwise known as the kissing desiaes.

A. It can be fatal, not necessarily through infecting the liver but through rupture of enlarged spleen or obstruction of the throat, or through the development of cancer (e.g. lymphoma) later in life.

However, these complications are very rare, and most people recover from the disease without major complications.

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On the other hand, the front sheets of prints comprising monophonic songs were far less uniform.
Theorem 7 The MAXIMUM CONVEXLY INDEPENDENT SET problem is NP-complete in the monophonic convexity even for atoms.
In this section, two pitch sequence extraction processes--from polyphonic music and from monophonic query--are briefly explained.
24) Whichever system was selected would have to be compatible with the continuing requirement for monophonic television reception.
Given a score of a phrase, a monophonic audio recording of a saxophone performance of that phrase at a particular source tempo, and a number specifying the desired target tempo, the task of the system is to render the audio recording at the desired target tempo adjusting the expressive parameters of the performance in accordance with the target tempo.
The (L + R) signal is broadcast in the lower portion of the baseband spectrum (0 to 15 kHz) so that a monophonic receiver correctly receives the signal as a monaural transmission.
The Baroque period was the culmination of a long tradition, which began with monophonic music like Gregorian chant, but which eventually became polyphonic, involving multiple, simultaneous lines of music that were independent of but compatible with one another, with no single musical line dominating.
65) For instance, a derivative work may result by reducing the melody to a simple monophonic tone--thus rendering it ineligible for the [section] 115 mechanical license--whereas an entirely different treatment may result from a ringtone that is a short snippet of the identical sound recording.
Intrathoracic obstruction presents with monophonic wheezing.
These descriptions serve the author as an introduction to ask himself what kind of repertoire could have been performed on those occasions, and to explain to the reader the difficult task of identifying early repertoire of Spanish church polyphony, most of which "was meant to substitute monophonic chant" (6).
But it's the gays, who know a thing or two about a plague, who score the highest marks: Rufus Wainwright pays homage to the death of the firstborn with "Katonah," a bluesy elegy in three-quarter time, while Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields gets his Depeche Mode on for "The Meaning of Lice," a lo-fi synthpop romp of mechanized hand claps, monophonic melodies, and hilarious rhymes.
31, displayed a monophonic elegance that, while recalling Ravel, made for a fine contrast to Bach's more structured beauty.