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A treatise on a particular subject or specific aspect of a subject.
[mono- + G. graphē, a writing]
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(mŏn′ō-grăf) [″ + graphein, to write]
A treatise dealing with a single subject.

drug monograph

A publication that specifies for a drug (or class of related drugs) the kinds and amounts of ingredients it may contain, the conditions and limitations for which it may be offered, directions for use, warnings, and other information that its labeling must contain. The monograph may contain important information concerning interactions with other drugs.
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a publication relating normally to a higher TAXON, which includes an exhaustive treatment of all aspects of the biology of the group as far as they relate to its taxonomy and classification.
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On the important distinction between serialized, reference biography and the monographic form, see Madelenar, 21-23, Parke, 40, 111-24.
John Richards's book on the art of Altichiero -- the first monographic treatment of the artist since 1966 -- and the network of patronage from which he benefited is a useful, although certainly not flawless, attempt to increase our understanding of the painter's career.
As shown in Los Angeles, at least, no one could fail to notice either how much the streamlined logic of the presentation breaks with the usual priorities of the monographic model, or how its structure and choices urge on us a Smithson for our times.
This book-within-a-book charts the strands -- ethnographic, epigraphic, monographic, jurisprudential and visual -- that fed Cassiano's project of "eine samtliche Lebensbereiche umfassende Zivilisationsgeschichte" (185).
Located near Place de la Bastille and run by Fondation Antoine de Galbert, La Maison Rouge organizes exhibitions of private collections twice a year as well as monographic shows of contemporary art.
Monographic volumes on female heroines have become something of a genre, providing often insightful but always problematic overviews of legendary women and their longue duree history in Western culture.
Such complexity reminds us not only how long overdue "Inverted Utopias" was, but also how many detailed monographic shows remain to be staged.