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Of relatively uniform size; said of aerosol suspensions with size variation of less than ±20%.
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In Narimissa and Wagner [3,4] we extended the HMMSF model to monodisperse, bidisperse, and polydisperse linear polymer melts by means of relating the relaxation times to the Rouse stretch-relaxation times for each relaxation mode.
Synthesis of monodisperse particles of Si[O.sub.2] by hydrolysis of TEOS by the Stoeber method is carried out by reaction (1) in a water-alcohol-ammonia environment.
Gelatin-encapsulated Ac-[beta]-CD nanoparticle with monodisperse characteristic, nearly spherical morphology, and coarse surface could be easily fabricated by double water-in-oil-in-water (W/O/W) technique.
Clearly the array quality could be improved when monodisperse and round nanoparticles are available [23]; however, for FND this remains a challenging goal.
Forming the stable single cone-jet mode is essential for near monodisperse nanoparticles production and can be obtained with optimize applied voltage.
To realize the full potential of ZnO as an antimicrobial agent, controlled and cost- effective synthesis of pure, uniform (monodisperse) and crystalline ZnO nanoparticles is of prime importance.
Toward the goal of getting monodisperse samples, Veinot's chosen approach has relied on the thermal processing of hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ), which is easily produced in large amounts and already commercially available in the microchip industry.
G., "Synthesis and characterization of Monodisperse nanocrystals and close -packed nanocrystal assemblies," Annual Review of Materials Science, 30(1): 545-610 (2000).
As with all NanoHybrids Gold NanoSpheres, the newly released 30 nm nanoparticles are monodisperse (CV <10%) and are subjected to batch-specific characterization.
It was considered that the latex was monodisperse when the PDI was lower than O.1.
Finally, pure monodisperse nanopartilces were isolated by solvent fractionation.