monoclonal peak

mon·o·clo·nal peak

a narrow band visible on electrophoresis or an abnormal arc seen on immunoelectrophoresis, thought to represent immunoglobulin of one cell clone.
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Because of the strong clinical heterogeneity and the varying SPEP patterns with an inconstant presence of a monoclonal peak, [gamma]-HCD is thought to be an underdiagnosed disease.
In accordance with other reports, a monoclonal peak with a [beta] mobility was present after both SPEP and UPEP.
In both samples the CZE electropherograms showed a minor disturbance in morphology of the [gamma]-region but not the obvious monoclonal peak that was observed with agarose gel electrophoresis.
The sorted tumor cell population had a monoclonal peak profile with amplicons at 115 and 164 by for IgH FR3, 254 by for FR2, and 314 and 360 by for FR2 (data not shown).
1 in the Data Supplement, available with the online version of this Letter at demonstrated a prominent monoclonal peak in the [gamma] region consistent with this patient's previous analyses and known IgG[kappa] paraprotein.
All 14 samples with clinical, histologic, and immunohistochemical evidence of T-cell lymphoma showed either a single, monoclonal peak or a very prominent monoclonal peak in a polyclonal background.
Comigration of such proteins with the BJP may hinder proper identification and quantification of the monoclonal peak. These problems have been discussed elsewhere (16).
No monoclonal peak or irregularity could be seen in the CZE curve for one sample from a 92-year-old woman containing an IgG MC estimated as 1 g/L with normal background immunoglobulin synthesis and no cryoglobulin.
The specificity of the immunospecific binder that caused the disappearance of the monoclonal peak identifies the paraprotein.
Specifically, both specimens showed identical monoclonal peaks of 332 and 346 base pairs in the IgH FR1 region.
Furthermore, under some circumstances, benign monoclonal peaks without plasma cell neoplasia exist.
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