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F21 Active Monochromatic collection is available in select Forever 21 stores.
Shawna Doering creates a similar effect in her Red Hot quilt (figure 5), but her monochromatic background is a simple collection of large-scale rectangles in various shades of red.
The effect of monochromatic light on the reproductive characteristics of breeder geese is shown in Table 4.
18] investigated the computational complexity of the problem of partitioning complete multipartite 2-edge-colored graphs into the minimum number of vertex-disjoint monochromatic cycles, paths and trees, respectively.
I also asked them to consider whether, if they changed the color scheme to a different monochromatic color or a full tonal color scheme, it would make them feel any different.
The chromatic number x(H) of H is the minimum number of colors that can be assigned to the vertices v [member of] S so that no hyperedge containing two or more vertices is monochromatic (that is, [for all]e [member of] E such that [absolute value of e] > 1, there exist [v.
And with a monochromatic palette such as that favoured by Kelly, you can experiment with textures.
This deceptive appearance of simplicity renders large monochromatic paintings particularly susceptible to critical and spectatorial misunderstanding, ridicule, and even animosity.
The electric ranges include 20-, 24- and 30-inch models in both monochromatic white and stainless steel.
Potts' fine comic turn is enormously enhanced by Jean-Pierre Dorlac's witty monochromatic costumes, which broadcast Deanna's moods.
bulbs--semiconductor devices that emit monochromatic light--are extremely energy-efficient and boast a lifespan that is twice as long as that of fluorescent bulbs and 20 times longer than the best incandescent bulbs.
The inactivating effect of monochromatic ultraviolet radiation on influenza virus.