Relating to or having a single chorion; denoting monovular twins.
Synonym(s): monochorial
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Through dye-contrast injection, they delineated the circulation of 20 monochorial placentas from pregnancies with and without evidence of feto-fetal transfusion.
Placental weight measured at birth was available for 17 of 46 bichorial twin pregnancies (mean, 964 g; median, 985 g; range, 600-1270 g) and for 5 of 7 monochorial twin pregnancies (mean, 953 g; median, 735; range, 600-1530 g).
A linear regression model was then fitted to evaluate the difference between MM pregnancies, distinguished as monochorial and bichorial, and MF ones, correcting for effect of week of gestation (Table 1).
Hydrostatic and osmotic pressure gradients produce manifestations of fetofetal transfusion syndrome in a computerized model of monochorial twin pregnancy.