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An acid having one replaceable hydrogen atom.
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Four photosensitizing drugs, Photofring, Texas Red, a benzoporphyrin derivative monoacid (BPD), and lutetium texaphyrin (LuTex) were tested to see if they were substrates of the MDR-1 multidrug resistor pump, or if they could be used in PDT.
The dicarboxylic acid oligomers used in this study were a fatty dicarboxylic acid (C36) Pripop 1009 from Unichema International [Mathematical Expression Omitted] containing 0.1% monoacid, 98% diacid, and 1% triacid and a carboxyl terminated polyamid 12 (CTPA 12) supplied by Elf Atochem [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
Loss of available lysine and other essential monoacids could also occur at much lower temperatures, such as 0[degrees]C [3].