monkeypox virus

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mon·key·pox vi·rus

a virus of the genus Orthopoxvirus causing monkeypox.
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USAMRIID researchers then tested the efficacy of the chemical compound on the Monkeypox virus.
nation, PCR Picornavirus Control Encephalo- Proper hygiene and myocarditis using caution when virus handling diseased animals Table 7-15 Zoonotic Animal Orthopoxviruses and the Diseases They Cause Virus Species Affected Monkeypox virus New and Old World Originated in Zaire in 1970-1971 monkeys; rodents (rats, and was transmitted from monkeys mice, squirrels, and prairie to unvaccinated humans.
The vaccinia virus (Lister strain) plasmid was named pVACV-List143, the cowpox virus (Brighton strain) plasmid named pCPXV-V162, and the monkeypox virus Zaire strain plasmid named pMPXV-A29L.
Wildlife activists want to relocate Phil to Lubbock, Texas, but interstate transportation of prairie dogs was declared illegal after last summer's outbreak of the monkeypox virus, carried by rodents.
The first case of monkeypox virus infection to be identified in the United States did not fool Dr.
Like severe acute respiratory syndrome and West Nile virus before it, the monkeypox virus outbreak in the upper Midwest offered more evidence that emerging infectious diseases no longer respect national, or even continental, boundaries.
In some instances, however, direct contact with infected animals could not be documented; therefore, health officials cannot rule out the possibility of human-to-human transmission of the monkeypox virus.
One of the reasons four participants voted against immediate destruction was the Russian announcement of recent research on mutations in the monkeypox virus, observed in a recent outbreak of the disease in central Africa, which point to the possibility that smallpox or a smallpox-like virus could reemerge in the wild.
These studies demonstrate the production of an interferon binding protein by variola virus and monkeypox virus, and point at this viral anti-interferon protein as a target to develop new therapeutics and protect people from smallpox and related viruses," said Antonio Alcami, Ph.
Orthopox viruses are antigenetically closely related vertebrate viruses, including variola major virus (VAR), (1) monkeypox virus (MPV), camelpox virus (CML), vaccinia virus (VAC), cowpox virus (CPV), and six other species not pathogenic for humans.
At CDC, laboratory testing of four prairie dogs originating from IL-i confirmed the presence of monkeypox virus by PCR and IHC.