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A species of legume, Arachis hypogaea, which is high in protein, energy and nutritional value, and rich in niacin, antioxidants, resveratrol and coenzyme Q10.
Peanuts are a very common cause of foreign-body aspirates, and represent about 10% of all symptomatic foreign material retrieved by endoscopy of children.
Peanut allergy is the most common cause of death from food allergy; 150/year die in the US from food allergies.

Peanuts contain oxalates that can crystallise in the form of kidney and gallstones, and should be avoided by those with kidney or gallbladder disease.
Peanuts are susceptible to mould and the frequently occurring presence of aflatoxin produced by Aspergillus flavus.


An oily herb of the legume family, Arachis hypogaea, whose seeds are consumed for their nutritional value and whose oil, derived from the seeds, is used in cooking.


seed kernels of the plant Arachis hypogaea cultivated as a commercial crop. Made into peanut meal after the oil is extracted. The kernels and meal are subject to fungal growth and may cause aflatoxicosis. Called also groundnut.

peanut hulls
a source of supplementary fiber in manufactured pet foods; it is high in lignin.
peanut meal
residue after the extraction of peanut oil; a high protein (40 to 50%) feed supplement; low in methionine, lysine and tryptophan. May be mixed with hulls when it becomes of less value because of the high (30%) of fiber.
peanut oil
a refined fixed oil extracted from peanuts; used as a solvent for drugs.

Patient discussion about peanut

Q. does being allergic to peanuts mean you can’t eat peanuts as a whole nut? Or should you avoid spreads, cookies, cornflakes etc. as well.

A. people allergic to peanuts are, most of the times, a very severely allergic people. it has an astounding reaction that can lead to death because of specks of peanuts in a cookie.

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