Monkey Disease

A tick-borne flaviviral haemorrhagic fever occurring in the Mysore and Karnataka states of India, maintained by infected monkeys and rodents; those living in wooded farmlands are at increased risk
Vector Haemaphysalis spinigera, a forest tick
Lab Leukopaenia, thrombocytopaenia, albuminuria
Dx Isolation of virus from blood, CF
Prognosis 5-10% mortality
Prevention Vaccine, protective clothing, tick control
Management None
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But I hear his cousin has contracted a nasty case of green monkey disease in Africa...
This is the one - along with Lassa fever, Green Monkey Disease and other such "exotics" - that has public health professionals the world over really very scared.
The more ill-informed members of the female sex utterly fail to appreciate the seriousness of 'man flu', an horrific affliction right up there with bilharzia, and green monkey disease. Strong men weep when struck down and it was little less than heroic of Frankie, faced with the choice of an afternoon at home with five screaming kids and six paracetemol or riding the Derby winner for a chunky percentage of pounds 300,000, that he rose from his bed of pain and made it to York.
Shouldn't the rest of the country be able to cash in on all his pulls, twists and rare strains of Beri-Beri or Green Monkey disease?
Marburg Virus Disease - also known as "green monkey disease" and "vervet monkey disease" - causes bleeding from every open orifice of the body.
The chief Cisco Kid said to me on Tuesday: "Do you have wi-fi?" He could, of course, been speaking Gujerati, but I replied politely: "I do not have beriberi, lassa fever, alopaecia, green monkey disease, wi-fi or any dubious conditions of the inner thigh.
The run-up to Cheltenham was very different, as they were writing Kicking King's obit a fortnight before the race because he was suffering from green monkey disease, beri-beri, a nasty cold, bird flu and a touch of leprosy.