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n the general term for the representation of value, currency, or cash.

Patient discussion about money

Q. who is most likely to gain more money guys -or - girl

A. it's not really a medical question but from wikipedia:

so i guess that the answer is- men.

Q. My brother who is 14 years old has a problem ……he spends a lot of money….is this linked to bipolar? My brother who is 14 years old has a problem ……he spends a lot of money….is this heavy spending linked to bipolar as he threatens me of running away somewhere and he is creating a lot of problem loosing all vital friends and relatives……and he does not like to visit doctor….please help me …..What needs to be done… this linked to bipolar?

A. the best thing to do in this situation is to talk to the doctor about his symptoms. Keeping in mind that the world we are living in today is heavily influenced by money. Pop culture has been teaching kids for many years that money is disposable and easy. Some kids are influenced by this message and spend recklessly as a result, wanting brand name clothing, shoes, bags etc... How is your brothers energy level? Is he sleeping at night or is he only sleeping minimal hours a day? Is he experiencing rapid thinking? Unable to complete one thought before moving on to another? There are other symptoms to suggest he is experiencing a manic episode than excessive spending. Also at 14 years of age where is he getting excessive amounts of money to spend?If his spending is a problem I would suggest putting him on a budget so he learns the value of a dollar.

Q. Is spending money irresponsibely a sign of impending manic attack? My 32 years-old husband is known to have bi-polar disorder, but for the last ten years he has been on lithium treatment and had no attacks. Last week he bought some very expensive things to our home, without asking me (we usually discuss these things before we do anything). Does this mean he’s getting a new manic attack? Other than that purchase everything else is normal, and he appears and behaves as usual. I don’t want to take him for the psychiatrist just for spending some money.

A. Spending money is not a unique character of bi-polar people... Maybe it was a bit less calculated action. If he has manic attack, usually there'll be more things that would tell you about it.

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GREAT ROPE: Elisheva Farrell with her art piece, Money for Old Rope, and below, her previous creation Bottle Filled with Litter
It's money for old rope, this - and I get to keep the rope.
I've dusted off my Yamaha keyboard, grabbed a camcorder and I'm off to create my own movie-and-music show called Money for Old Rope.
It's money for old rope and let's not be holier-than-thou about it.
Renaming it for the outside world is money for old rope and a new neon sign.
You could say it's money for old rope but I'm worth every penny.
Kate Collins, Swindon MANY may think Iain Wordsworth's compensation of more than half a million pounds for a hospital blunder is money for old rope.
But we know old Boom Boom likes the easy life and the Champions will be money for old rope.
Every now and then you can actually spot Greg Dyke down there with a hold-all, exchanging money for old rope.
But you can get almost even-money about the French by backing them to win without conceding a goal - money for old rope.