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Denoting molybdenum in the 6+ state, as in MoO3.
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The blue color was developed with molybdic acid reaction which was as follows: The 500 l mixture (composed of 200 l of 2 % ammonium molybdate and 300 l of 14 % ascorbic acid in 50 % trichloroacetic acid) was added to the above mixture (700 l) followed by the addition of 1 ml solution containing 2 % trisodium citrate and 2 % sodium arsinate in 2 % acetic acid to make the total volume of 2200 l.
The Folin-Ciocalteu methods to determine TEPH and TET contents are based on the reducing power of hydroxyl function of phenolics to molybdic acid.
(LMC), one of the world's largest ferromolybdenum producers, and the first site to commercially convert molybdenite concentrates to technical molybdic oxide.