molybdenum 99

mo·lyb·de·num 99 (99Mo),

A reactor-produced radioisotope of molybdenum with a half-life of 2.7476 days, used in radionuclide generators for the production of technetium-99m.

molybdenum 99

the radionuclide that is the parent of technetium 99 and as such is present as a generator in most nuclear medicine departments.

mo·lyb·de·num 99

(99Mo) (mō-lib'dĕ-nŭm)
A reactor-produced radioisotope used in radionuclide generators to produce of technetium 99m.
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Explaining the details, a Delhi police official said that the radioactive material was a consignment of nuclear drugs for cancer, Molybdenum 99, which arrived by an Air France Flight for a Delhi hospital.
Global demand for potentially lifesaving molybdenum 99 (Mo-99) is increasing, while the reactors capable of supplying it are shutting down, and from next year ANSTO will step up to help fill that gap.
NRA regulators said that the amount of the leaked radioactive substances has totaled to several thousand terabecquerels, when converted into radioactive molybdenum 99.
Request of best offers & proposals in public auction to sell experimental production of radio active elements during FY 2012/ 2013 including (a) molybdenum 99 (Mo - 99), (b) Iodine - 131 (1 to 131), (c) Iodine - 125 (1 - 125) Iridium 192 (Ir - 192 wire), Iridium - 192 (Ir - 192 sealed source).
This agreement will augment and further diversify Covidien's supply of Molybdenum 99 (Mo 99) to produce the medical isotope Technetium 99m (Tc 99m).
The facility is responsible for supplying more than half of the molybdenum 99 for technetium 99m generation in North America.
We are beholden to producers all over the world to maintain a supply of molybdenum 99 for technetium 99m generators.
They said the delivery of molybdenum 99 was interrupted when flights between Japan and North America were canceled following last Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.
The European Commission decided on July 9 to drop its Article 86 case for alleged abuse of dominant market position against Nordion, a Canadian company that produces and sells Molybdenum 99 (Mo-99), a base product for radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine.
Reactors such as OPAL are the only reliable way of producing the nuclear medicine molybdenum 99 (Mo-99) at the quality and scale needed by hospitals and nuclear medicine centres around the world.