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Common name for members of the phylum Mollusca, although usually restricted to the gastropods and bivalves.
Synonym(s): mollusc




Any of numerous chiefly marine invertebrates of the phylum Mollusca, typically having a soft unsegmented body, a mantle, and a protective calcareous shell, and including the snails, clams, and squids.

mol·lus′cous (mə-lŭs′kəs) adj.


, mollusc (mŏl′ŭsk)
Any member of the phylum Mollusca.
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An expedition, led by professor Daniel Distel of Northeastern University, was then put together to find and study the rare mollusks.
First, many of the mollusk mites that have been identified and described were collected long ago and would be difficult to relocate primarily due to host extinction and habitat destruction.
Shipworms are mollusks and are clam-like creatures that use their shells as drills and feed on wood by burrowing into the wood fibers.
fossil is helping us to understand the relationship between two mollusk groups, which is also helping us to understand how mollusks have evolved on Earth.
A comparison of living and dead mollusks on coral reef associated hard substrata in the northern Red Sea - implications for the fossil record.
Students are creating a small mollusk environment and testing the effect of food on movement.
Mollusks figure prominently in the diets of many fish species, including humpback whitefish (Coregonus pidschian) and broad whitefish (C.
The young mollusks will soon find a new home in and on the river bottom, where it is hoped they will grow, reproduce, and become self-sustaining members of the aquatic community.
If approved for use as a pesticide by federal officials, caffeine could give farmers and homeowners a more palatable alternative to current mollusk repellents.
For the past twenty years, Sandweiss has been studying ancient mollusk and fish remains.
This fluid forms a dark cloud that allows the mollusk to escape from enemies.
As if my lowly mollusk could wear so exalted a mantle as her pontifex pallium.