molluscum fibrosum

juvenile hyaline fibromatosis

An extremely rare (70 cases in the world literature) autosomal-recessive condition of early onset (infancy, childhood), which affects the skin, joints, and bones.

Clinical findings
Variably-sized, occasionally painful nodules on the hands, neck, scalp, ears, and nose, as well as at joint creases and external genitalia; gingival hypertrophy; joint contractures; reduced range of motion.
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It has been mentioned in the literature that molluscum fibrosum pendulum is a common occurance in tuberous sclerosis.
The classic clinical signs include cutaneous pigmentation (cafe au lait) spots, multiple soft tissue tumours (molluscum fibrosum) and palpable neurofibromas of the peripheral nerves.
I must warn North Americans that this book may be difficult to read for those not familiar with certain British spellings (ie, oedema for edema, candidosis for candidiasis) and expressions ("plane warts" vs "flat warts," "molluscum fibrosum" vs "neurofibroma" of von Recklinhausen's disease).