molluscum body

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mol·lus·cum bod·y

a distinctive cytoplasmic spheric body in the lesions of molluscum contagiosum caused by a member of the family Poxviridae; it consists of degenerated cytoplasm and the virus.
Synonym(s): molluscum corpuscle


any of various skin diseases in humans marked by the formation of soft rounded cutaneous tumors.

molluscum body
intracytoplasmic inclusion body, containing poxvirus particles, seen in keratinocytes in molluscum contagiosum.
molluscum contagiosum
a disease of the skin in humans and a similar condition in horses, macropods and chimpanzees caused by a virus in the genus Molluscipoxvirus. It is characterized by the formation of firm, rounded, translucent, crateriform papules containing caseous matter that occur mainly on the muzzle, penis, prepuce, and axillary and inguinal skin in horses. The lesions are usually an incidental finding. Two similar diseases occur in horses: viral papular dermatitis and uasin gishu disease.