molecular layer

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mo·lec·u·lar lay·er

term applied to any layer of brain tissue that contains few nerve-cell bodies and is composed largely of terminal arborizations of dendrites and axons; notable examples are the superficial layer (first layer) of the cerebral cortex and the molecular layer of the cerebellum.
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molecular layer

1. The outermost layer of the cerebral or cerebellar cortex.
2. The inner or outer plexiform layer of the retina.
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molecular layer (of the cerebral cortex)

The most superficial layer of the cortex of the brain, consisting of outer stellate cells and granule cells.
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(B) An enlargement of the cerebellar cortex, which demonstrates the outer layer or molecular layer (ML).
The horizontal fibers are mostly located at the midneocortical level, [sup][8] and coagulation with the output power 4-6 W can completely damage the brain tissue in the molecular layer, external granular layer, and external pyramidal layer.
In both WT and +/Lc cerebella from P10 to P25, the [alpha]3 subunits appear to be expressed in Purkinje cells, the molecular layer, and granule cell layer glomeruli in a similar pattern to that described by Peng et al.
In this way, it was carried on the coating process with a molecular layer of iron (III) oxide on carbon nano-tubes surface that was confirmed by XRF and FTIR analysis.
The ordinary and extraordinary indexes have been set to [n.sub.e] = 1.6, [n.sub.e] = 1.62, and the thickness of the molecular layer is equal to the sample thickness divided by the number of layers d = 173/7000 [[micro]meter].
The current study aims to analyse the cellular population of the Purkinje cells and the thickness of the molecular layer of human cerebellar cortex from anatomy cadaver preparations.
The Purkinje cell is arranged in an orderly manner as a single line at the interface of the granular and molecular layers in all age groups.
The IPCE spectra of device C have a similar response to those of device B, which indicates that the concentration of 4L (a 0.05 molar ratio) was not enough to anchor the blank of the insulating molecular layer. This caused the performance of device C to rise slightly and produced [eta] = 6.37%, [] = 12.71 mA [cm.sup.-2], [V.sub.oc] = 0.76 V, and FF = 0.66.
The topics include theoretical modeling of processes, the molecular layer deposition of hybrid organic-inorganic films, nanopatterning by area-selective deposition, coatings on high aspect ratio structures, applications to biomaterials and biocompatible coatings, inverse opal photonics, and nanolaminates.
In one case of medulloblastoma there were a few vessels with this change in the uninvolved molecular layer of cerebellum adjacent to the tumor necrosis (Figure 2; hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification x400).
The cerebral cortex is composed of sex layers, molecular layer, external granular layer, external pyramidal layer, internal granular layer, internal pyramidal layer, and multiform layer (Pal et al, 2003).
Thin-film organic photonics; molecular layer deposition and applications.

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