molecular behavior

mo·lec·u·lar be·hav·ior

in psychology, behavior described in small response units rather than larger ones; a specific response. Compare: molar behavior.
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The researchers' approach could also be used to characterize the molecular behavior and viscosity of ionic, or salty, liquids and other liquid substances, which would aid in the development of new types of semiconductor devices with liquid electrolyte insulating layers, better batteries and improved lubricants.
This is the first known study to explain the molecular behavior behind the series of changes that happen in the healing cells that result in metastasis.
Tokyo, May 28, 2010 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited and Chuo University of Japan today announced that a team of researchers(1) from Chuo University, Kyoto University, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Japan's Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (known as Riken) employed the T2K Open Supercomputer - which was delivered by Fujitsu to Kyoto University's Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies - to successfully compute with high precision, as a world first, an optimization problem to reveal the molecular behavior of ethane (CH3), ammonia (NH3) and oxygen (O2).
The molecular behavior of the ends of the chromosomes was screaming out that there was something going on, some hitherto unknown enzyme."
We have learned a great deal about the molecular behavior of cancer, which has allowed us to better tailor treatments to foster a more personalized approach to cancer care.
"These findings are so clear and detailed at the level of molecular behavior that they will be most valuable to developing more effective therapies for mood disorders and neurologic and psychiatric diseases, and to direct effective treatments for drug addiction to cocaine and amphetamines," said co-lead author Dr.
In introducing 23 contributed chapters, Humphrey-Smith (Biosystems Informatics Institute, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK) and Hecker (microbiology, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universitat, Greifswald, Germany) note that while we are further along the road to a holistic understanding of molecular behavior at this level, this is a path rarely explored in much depth.
The Center for Advanced Engineering, Fibers and Film at Clemson University in Clemson, S.C., has developed a simulation model for the molecular behavior of LDPE and LLDPE in blown film and is making it available to processors for free in exchange for feedback on how it performs.
Therefore, these values reflect the magnitude of molecular entanglement across the weld line interface, indicating that such molecular behavior was influenced by the shape of the obstructive pin.
The analysis reveals the molecular behavior of a common lubricant additive, whose mode of action had remained mysterious since the additive's introduction in the late 1930s.
These housanes were analyzed via [sub.13]C NMR spectroscopy for eventual feasibility towards eventual synthesis of pentaprismane, and molecular behavior. Three differing nitrogen derivatives were used: cyclohexylamine, cyclopentylamine, and tert-butylamine: the cyclohexylamine and cyclopentylamine were used primarily for molecular studies, and the tert-butylamine was primarily used to determine feasibility for eventual pentaprismane synthesis.

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