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wetness due to any liquid; usually refers to water as a component, e.g. in feed.

moisture free
a substance heated at 220°F (105°C) to constant weight. Called also oven-dry or 100% dry matter.
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Extended moisture exposure to interior building components causes fungal growth, deterioration, and eventual weakening and/or failure of the material.
A number of specialty resins, such as polyphthalamide (PPA), have significant amounts of aromatic character in their polymeric backbone, which causes them to absorb less moisture than aliphatic nylons like nylons 6 and 66, and do so at a slower rate.
Then the nuggets were frozen, blended into powder and analyzed for moisture and oil content.
The spatial pattern of soil moisture can be represented by a small-scale component associated with soil-vegetation interactions with relief, and a large-scale component associated with precipitation and evapotranspiration demand.
6 [degrees]C) and then brought to 2%, 11%, and 20% soil moisture (i.
The NASMD is a high-quality observational soil moisture database that includes over 1,800 stations to support drought, land-atmosphere, and satellite/model validation studies.
MGS turned to Systech Illinois and the MM510 Moisture analyser to measure the moisture and water vapour within their medical grade oxygen.
However, when the wood absorbs or loses moisture below the fiber saturation point--around 25-30 percent--it will swell or shrink.
The HE53 entry level halogen moisture analyzer encompasses METTLER TOLEDO s tradition for Swiss quality in a no-frills, easy-to-use instrument making moisture analysis accessible to all.
Cosmic ray sensors can measure soil moisture at an unprecedented sub-kilometre scale.
Using a combo meter, which offers pin-less, pin and RH measuring technology, will cover all applications to measure moisture and humidity, helping avoid moisture problems and tracking when they occur.
But the accuracy of the information collected by this new technology still needs to be verified with actual soil moisture measurements, a task perfectly suited for a team of Agricultural Research Service scientists.