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having a moderate moisture content, slightly wet to the touch.

moist dermatitis
see moist dermatitis of rabbits.
moist grain storage
grain stored at about 30% moisture in airtight silos. (Normally grain is stored at 10-15% moisture.) Care is needed to avoid errors in the ensiling process and the storage costs are much higher, but the grain is more digestible. To avoid the silo costs, the grain can be treated with propionic or acetic acid and stored in bins, but care needs to be given to the grain's vitamin E content, which may be diminished by this treatment.
moist lung sounds
sounds heard on auscultation of the lungs that indicate the presence of inflammatory or edema fluid in the bronchi or alveoli.

Patient discussion about moist

Q. Can I catch pneumonia, if I go outside with wet hair? My Mother used to tell me when I was a kid that if I go outside with wet hair, I will catch pneumonia. Is this true?

A. Are you seiously, Ann? I mean, I'm sure y're wet hair make Pneumonia?...I sorry this is not true.

Q. why is it bad to walk outside with wet hair after you have taken a shower , when it's clod out side? what can happen to me if i will do it ?

A. I've done this several times. The few times, my mother told me not to, I caught a cold.

Q. My brother is a heavy alcoholic. He has very recently been diagnosed with wet brain. My brother is a heavy alcoholic. He has very recently been diagnosed with wet brain. I am wondering what this wet brain is all about?

A. It known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome also referred to as wet brain often is seen in later stage alcoholics. This condition shows up on an MRI as a smaller less functional brain. The symptoms such as short term memory loss, inability to learn new things, inability to concentrate or focus could apply to a lot of things. I have never known people actually diagnosed with this. This knowledge I gained through surfing the net.

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The body composition of sea bream after four month rearing in earthen ponds showed that whole body moister contents was not significantly affected by the treatment while protein and lipid contents of whole body was greater than that of controlled ponds.
The freezer is said to significantly increase productivity, quality and yield for food processors freezing smaller, moister products including poultry parts, seafood and prepared meat items.
Abdul Halim Nourreddin, a professor of antiquities in Cairo University, said in an interview with Xinhua on Tuesday that a lot of antiquities in Egypt and other Arab countries are in danger because of expansion of house building, reclaiming lands, rising of underground water and moister levels.
Ingredient costs are down 'the more moister product has a longer shelf life, minimising returns.
While admittedly this was the time we were eating, it was a shame the chicken wasn't a little moister.
Natural peanut butters vary from brand to brand in terms of spreadability; we prefer Laura Scudder's Old Fashioned Nutty Peanut Butter, because it makes a moister, chewier bar.
Some people do not like the idea of all that in their fruit cake, but it can make the cake moister.
Proponents say consumers prefer the moister meat that is easier to cook.
In moister environments, the same posts have a life expectancy of 25-30 years.
Neal Moister, a researcher with the LRD, said, "Despite the high profile given to the huge disparity in pensions recently, this survey shows that little has changed.
In fact, the largest pressure cookers currently available on the market are ideal for cooking medium-sized turkeys, producing moister results in a fraction of the time.