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[27] Three types of surgery practised are; conservative surgery (lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, tylectomy, partial mastectomy or segmental mastectomy etc.), moderate surgery (modified radical matsectomy, simple mastectomy with axillary clearance etc.) and radical surgery (Halsted mastectomy, Extended radical mastectomy and supraradical mastectomy etc.).
Is transdermal nitroglycerin application effective in preventing and healing flap ischemia after modified radical mastectomy?
A total of 116 women were randomized to modified radical mastectomy and 121 to lumpectomy plus radiation.
Thoracic epidural anaesthesia can be safely used in geriatric women undergoing Modified Radical Mastectomy for breast carcinoma with significant postoperative analgesia, reduced perioperative complications, preventing metastasis and hypoxemia.
Modified Radical Vulvectomy###3 (4.3%)###10 (8.4%)###0.37
The selected patients had been treated thereafter in form of different modalities like, (a) simple analgesic (b) excision biopsy (c) modified radical mastectomy.
The most common performed surgery was modified radical mastectomy and the most common pathology report was intra-ductal carcinoma.
Many studies have evaluated the use of pregabalin as a postoperative analgesic, [4] but to our knowledge no study has been done to evaluate the use of oral pregabalin for blunting of haemodynamic response to intubation and extubation in patients undergoing modified radical mastectomy.
Objective: To determine the efficacy of low pressure vs high vacuum suction drains after modified radical mastectomy in terms of earlier removal and its impact on duration of hospital stay.
If a radical or modified radical type I neck dissection is contemplated, careful dissection and removal of both ipsilateral IJVs must be performed to achieve complete surgical clearance.
This was followed by a right modified radical mastectomy.
Following biopsy confirmation, she underwent a modified radical mastectomy with lymph node dissection.

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