modern medicine

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mainstream medicine

A general term for conventional healthcare based on the “Western model” of evidence-based practice for diagnosing and treating disease. Mainstream medicine assumes that all physiologic and pathological phenomena can be explained in concrete terms, and “best practice” is the end result of a stream of objective analyses which begin with nonhuman model systems, evolve through blinded studies and statistical analysis of those results, and end with guidelines to which doctors adhere to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

modern medicine

Mainstream medicine, see there.

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Q. I heard and experienced that the natural medicine is better than modern. I heard and experienced that the natural medicine is better than modern. When I came through a book I read about kombucha, which is not explained in it. What is kombucha?

A. BE CAREFUL;what you read is not always true,there have been results with natural meds for minor medical problems,BUT you also have to no that all meds natural/modern do not work on all people.some off these cures are more hype than anything else.If these natural meds really cured people we would all be healthy--using them with modern meds is your best bet when you have a severe med problem,always check with your DR.NO NOT TRY TO SELF DIAGNOSE,and put somthing in you bodyif you are work,sometimes ther is no turning back---mrfoot56--peace

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The results show that the use of CAM is not influenced significantly by the availability of modern medicine system facility and there appears an overall increased acceptability for the alternative medical practices.
Holy Family Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals to integrate Ayurveda with modern medicine.
Prof David Fitzmaurice, a primary care research expert at the university, said: "We want the mini-medical school classes to be enjoyable and accessible to everyone, but also providing an accurate and informative view of modern medicine.
And cruelty, astonishing in scale, bewildering in scope, visited on hundreds of helpless patients before and during the 1920s at New Jersey's Trenton State Hospital, all in the name of scientific treatment for mental disease, is the leitmotif in Andrew Scull's superbly horrifying study of Henry Cotton, Madhouse: A Tragic Tale of Megalomania and Modern Medicine.
With the growing "back to nature" campaigns, domination of market by modern medicine has been reduced.
Parson presents The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells And Their Promise For Medicine, a fascinating look at what research into fetal stem cells has to say about not only the latest modern medicine, but also the aging process and the destiny of humanity itself.
Simple steps and exercises to manage pain, consolodate one's emotional as well as physical resources, and stay true to one's bonds despite the perilous journey ahead, as well as advice concerning hard decisions and the medical power of attorney, dealing with money matters, alternative therapies to complement modern medicine, and much more.
Health experts face tremendous challenges in quickly getting treatment to millions of people who have never had access to modern medicine before--and who will die of AIDS in the next few years if they do not receive antiretrovirals.
In addition, they must keep current with all of the changes in modern medicine, new devices, threats and safety gear.
This boom is driven in part by a justifiable dissatisfaction with modern medicine.
and 13 proprietary products and their relevance to modern medicine.
It's part of the irony of modern medicine that with each step it brings us closer to self-destruction, it takes a parallel step toward improving our chances of survival.