modern genetics

mod·ern ge·net·ics

that body of method and analysis that perceives genetics as the study of the economy of nucleic acids and associated compounds.
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Modern genetics now has a historic opportunity to complete the symmetry of this equation by bringing parallel genotyping to the traditionally phenotypic endeavour of clinical medicine.
In this compelling book, Genetics in the Madhouse , author Theodore Porter draws on untapped archival evidence from across Europe and North America to bring to light the hidden history behind modern genetics.
"The genome of this malaria parasite has been resistant to most methods in the modern genetics toolbox.
It is named after Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk who is known as the "Father of Modern Genetics".
We all know Gregor Mendel (1) as the father of modern genetics, but we do not know Ronald Fisher very well.
With the advent of modern genetics in the mid-20th century, a paradigm shift away from typology occurred when Hertha de Villiers showed that there were no distinguishing features between different SA tribes, but a 'range of variation in a cluster of closely related populations'.
Overall, the book is a good introduction to modern genetics from a Dawkins-like perspective.
The book starts with Malaysian politics today and I would have liked it to end there as well but the book concludes with an excursion into the (no less important) issue of modern genetics.
Using modern genetics and computing technologies researchers will digitally repopulate the ancient country, monitoring its development over 5,000 years to reveal important clues about how our ancestors made the critical move from hunter-gathering into farming.
Research has disclosed that a number of students have difficulties in understanding complex modern genetics, and it is also hard for students to link genetic principles to real biology phenomena (Duncan, Rogat, & Yarden, 2009; Knippels, Waarlo, & Boersma; 2005; Lewis & Kattmann, 2004).
Sultanate of Oman steps into modern genetics. J Community Genet 2013 Jul;4(3):391-397.