moderator variable

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mod·er·a·tor var·i·a·ble

a variable that interacts by virtue of being antecedent or intermediate in the causal pathway.
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The dependent variable of the research was job satisfaction, the independent variable was job stress, and the moderator variable was toxic leadership.
In the current study role of SC as moderator variable in the relationship between work-family conflict and psychological well-being was explored.
This current study addressed a gap in the current literature on variables impacting levels of extra effort by team members and extends the use of leader effectiveness as a moderator variable. That is, what are the moderating characteristics of high and low levels of leader effectiveness in the relationship between satisfaction with the leader and levels of extra effort?
DAC x Family - is a moderator variable between earning management and family ownership.
Moderator Variable. The quarterly data in the Wind database are used as the structure data (structure) of the investors.
Since the previous testing determined level of perceived leader effectiveness moderated the effect of level of inspirational motivation behaviors by the leader on individual's level of extra effort, linear regression testing was performed using both Low and High conditions for the moderator variable perceived leader effectiveness.
The moderator variable also can be added to the framework such as willingness to pay, product knowledge and perceived value.
Second and relatedly, it empirically derives the cut point for responsiveness, as the score on the moderator variable at which the effect of intervention transitions from significance to nonsignificance.
In the second step, we tested the moderated mediation model by integrating tolerance of uncertainty as a moderator variable into the model.
Directive leader behavior is frequently studied in relation with followers' job satisfaction by taking task structure as a moderator variable (Awan, 2003).
Two additional stages were then included to examine the role of personality as a moderator: the moderator variable was entered in the third step and, in the fourth and final step, the multiplied term (interaction) of the treatment and the moderator variable was entered.
Results of the study showed that servant leadership had positive and significant relationship with workplace spirituality with organizational culture as moderator variable that was also positively related to workplace spirituality.