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Exam moderation enables examiners to add and compare scores of candidates in various subjects in a meaningful fashion.
Moderation policy, awards examinees up to 15 per cent extra marks in certain papers that are deemed to be difficult.
In a few cases, teachers consider the whole range of a pupil's work, including whole workbooks and drafts, during in-school and cluster moderation meetings.
When people talk about eating in moderation, it doesn't allow them a clear, concrete way to guide their behavior," she said.
This accuracy gets higher as the time passed because you can train your own intelligence by yourself depending on your personal criteria to give the platform your own moderation mindset.
This Article is a guided tour of moderation for legal scholars.
The strategy prepared by the high committee to reinforce moderation and confront extremism will focus on religious and education campaigns and media and technical moblisations as well as on social security initiatives.
Hayward also repeats all the usual objections that have been raised over time against moderation and reminds us why it is difficult to be passionate about this complex, difficult virtue.
On behalf of Iranian people, I wish peace and moderation in Afghanistan and the entire region.
Amman, June 23 (Petra)--Senate President Taher Masri on Sunday received Secretary General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Abdulaziz Altwaijri, along with President of the Global Forum for Moderation and former Sudanese prime minister Al Imam Al Sadiq Al Mahdi and their accompanying delegation.
of Wellington, New Zealand) explains to researchers how to conduct both mediation and moderation analyses.