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Also, the final two versions failed to reveal any statistical effects related to closeness of one's most recent election (LAST), the moderateness of one's state-level electorate (CLINT), or cohort differences among those facing re-election after the 107th Congress and those who do not face re-election at that time (RELECT).
The rejection of a distinct moral point of view casts doubts on the way Scheffler pursues his inquiry into the moderateness of morality.
Al Yahya and his books about the Arabian Peninsula, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, moderateness, peace and dialogue, wishing him all success.
11 (BNA): Parliament and Information Affairs Minister, Isa bin Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, stressed the importance of the role of the media in protecting national security of the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states and preservation of their cultural and civilisational identity as well as safeguarding civic and societal peace besides boosting public awareness of respecting the law, spreading moderateness, tolerance, and shunning strife, hate, sectarian and racial discrimination.
The newspaper stressed the considerable importance of Bahrain for India and likewise India's considerable importance to Bahrain which is nothing new as their bilateral relations have extended over the centuries in the same manner of calm, peaceful and friendly relations as a result of moderateness and equilibrium policies.
The Institution stressed the need to protect the democratic path and to maintain atmospheres of co-existence, moderateness and acceptance of the other such features for which Bahrain has always been known.
Shura Council hails HM the King's Speech, invites religious leaders to rationalize discourse and focus on moderateness.
The Minister praised the role of Al-Azhar Islamic thinkers and professors who embrace moderateness and tolerance, and he praised the leading role of Egypt in all fields, especially those that brings together the nation's thinkers and academicians who will discuss and advise on the affairs and issue of the nation to ensure the nation's advancement, prosperity and leadership and to come up with successful solutions, remedies and initiatives.
SCIA: Bahrain known since ancient times for moderateness and equilibrium.
Foreign Minister: Bahrain upholds policy of moderateness, tolerance in the community.
Justice" urges orators to adopt moderateness and keep aloof from instigation of sectarian strife.