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Physical effects such as surface tension, elasticity, viscosity, and mass transfer determine the extensional flow and can be quantified using model-fitting analysis. In this way, the company says, insights can be gained into such processes as fluid-filling behavior, the hardening of adhesives, or the spray behavior and misting of printing inks and wall paints: "The measuring principle is ideally suited for viscoelastic samples [that] form cylindrical filaments on extension, such as cosmetic emulsions, hair colors, printer inks, food products, or certain adhesives."
The Institutet's model-fitting analysis reveals no genetic influences on younger cohorts [[less than] 60]; 75 to 77 percent of the variance attributed to unique or nonshared environment factors and error; and 23 to 25 percent of the variance attributed to correlated environment factors, or post-rearing shared environmental influences.

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