model game

mod·el game

the use of games, especially of games of strategy, for the explanation of human behavior (both normal and abnormal).
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Later on Apilan scored another second hand Game Boy, this time the 2001 model Game Boy Advance (GBA), which is leaps and bounds more power than the DMG.
At Chanel, lip-shaped sugar cookies were given out; MAC Cosmetics had makeover sessions that ended with glam photoshoots; Laura Mercier had a fun ring toss game (shoot three rings on a bottle and win a prize); NARS had a fun word search game where you had to find lipstick shade names; and Benefit had a pin the brow on the model game.
Microsoft recently cut the price of its best-selling Xbox 360 Pro model game console with a 20 gigabyte hard drive to $299 from $349 in the United States.
I liked the feeling of being with one man and not playing the model game where girls are always running around with different guys at the same time."
Their topics include university startup incubation in Europe's startup metropolis number one: the case of Technische Universitat Berlin, a framework for developing an ontology-based competency management system, multiplayer competition model games and economic analytics, competitive model business analytics and enterprise research planning open loop optimization, and a sequence game computing logic: game descriptions and models.
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