mode of transmission

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mode of trans·mis·sion

(mōd trans-mish'ŭn)
The route by which an organism is transferred from one host to another.
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Another mode of transmission was needle sharing among injecting drug users with five cases.
In this study out of the total males (174) about 83.9% said that rabies was transmitted by animal bite, 10.3% by sneezing, 4.1% does not know the exact mode of transmission. Among the total females (66) about 83.3% said that rabies were transmitted by animal bite, 12.2% by sneezing and 3% does not know the exact mode of transmission and this relation between mode of transmission and sex is found to be statistically insignificant, whereas in a study by Lai P, et al.
Conclusion: Sexual transmission through commercial sex is the largest mode of transmission of HIV in our setup.
The survey included 1 question to determine whether respondents had experienced difficulties identifying the primary mode of transmission for some outbreaks and 1 question to understand which modes of transmission they found difficult to distinguish from foodborne transmission.
Source - Ministry of Health Among those still alive with known mode of transmission, the main modes were heterosexual (50.6 per cent), homosexual-bisexual (13.8 per cent), mother-to-child (5.7 per cent), injection drug use (3.8 per cent) and blood transfusion (3.0 per cent).
Material and Methods: The files of the patients who presented to our outpatient clinic between January 2002 and May 2013 and were being followed up with a diagnosis of chronic hepatitis B virus infection were examined retrospectively and the information related with the age, gender, age at the time of diagnosis, mode of transmission, follow-up period, transaminase levels, the amount of hepatitis B virus-deoxyribonucleic acid and treatment and responses to the treatment given were recorded.
Among them injection drug was the most probable mode of transmission reported by 536 (55.6%) and sexual route was reported by 321 (33.3%) HIV positive persons.Vertical transmission, blood donors and others were also different modes of transmission.
The compilation in 458 pages provides detailed information on the intermediate hosts, mode of transmission of parasites to final host, differential larval stages and its transmission.
All victims are from Al-Ahsa.Al-Hawasi said that a special team of health officials is stationed in the region to determine the mode of transmission of the disease and also to keep the disease under control.Ziad Al-Memish, undersecretary at the Ministry of Health for Public Health, said most of the victims were admitted to hospital in Al-Ahsa with complaints of pneumonia.
Can there be any doubt that the beleaguered Christians of the 14th century were longing for knowledge about the plague, about its cause and mode of transmission, and hoping, thereby, to find effective means by which to combat it?
Medical and government authorities have so far failed to explain the cause and mode of transmission of the disease that has been attacking children between the ages of 5 and 15 in the districts of Pader and Kitgum, in the north.
Only 13.86% knew the mode of transmission of filariasis correctly; few had incorrect knowledge that direct contact, water, and air are modes of transmission.