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1. To liberate material stored in the body; more specifically, to move a substance from tissue stores into the bloodstream.
2. To excite quiescent material to physiologic activity.
[Fr. mobiliser, to liberate, make ready, fr. L. mobilis, movable]


v. mobi·lized, mobi·lizing, mobi·lizes
To release or make available, as cells or chemical substances: hormones that mobilize calcium from bones.

mo′bi·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


1. To incite to physiological action.
2. To render movable; to put in movement.
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To determine whether there is an increased mobilizable lead pool, the size of the chelatable pool in controls must first be measured.
Two things seem to be different here: (1) clashes over sociocultural issues (many of which have powerful symbolic appeals to potentially mobilizable individuals), and (2) significant increases in the use of the appointment process for bargaining purposes (a matter, of course, that mainly exists when the Senate is controlled by the party in opposition to the president).
86) Yet the case of the SEA confirms that, as in American politics, such conditions tend to be rare and transient, for they result from disequilibrium conditions in which a new issue or series of issues interacts with a new, but mobilizable, constituency.
Bishara cautions us about the prospects for an Intifada of the old type; systematic opposition to Israel by the now demobilized but mobilizable population may discover the solid connection between the political class and Israel.
11 After national organization is achieved, the grass roots remain potentially mobilizable for lobbying purposes.
It is also possible to induce the individual as individual to fashion his individuality in such a way that his existence becomes predictable and thus mobilizable for the sake of securing power.
Its 58 mobilizable divisions, 3,600 combat aircraft, and 310 surface combatants seem able to handle plausible operations in both directions, simultaneously.
The allocation of energy to structural and mobilizable tissues is not expected to be fixed, so the dynamics of length (L) and mass (M) may be different.
After all, in most of those countries the same set of factors had created similar conditions for an explosion of protest, and there was an abundant supply of potentially mobilizable protagonists - especially the semi-skilled, young immigrant assembly-line workers.
Meanwhile, the anxieties associated with Utopia, which spring from the fear that everything that makes up our current identity and our current habits and forms of libidinal gratification would disappear under some new social dispensation, some radical change in the societal order, are now far more easily mobilizable than at other moments in the recent past.
Living in a diaspora and under military rule for many years has made the Palestinians politically conscious and readily mobilizable.
Citizenship Between Elections: An Inquiry into the Mobilizable American.

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